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    Try iCarol for free – No risk, no obligation to buy, and no credit card information needed to get started.

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  • Get More Funding

    What’s the key to getting funded? Proving your value by reporting on outcomes. Funding sources of all types, whether internally at your organization...

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  • Foster Loyal Volunteers

    Helpline work is arguably one of the most intensive types of volunteering one can do. You invest a lot of time and resources into the screening...

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  • Improve Service Delivery

    People rely on you to provide assistance in their time of need. Whether your helpline provides active listening, crisis intervention, suicide prevention...

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  • Protect Confidentiality

    Clients trust you with their private information. In the process of reaching you and getting assistance, they provide you with highly sensitive...

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  • Boost the Quality
    of Your People

    You provide excellent training to your volunteers and staff before they ever take their first call...

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  • Manage Fewer Systems

    Your day is filled with a variety of tasks. One minute you may be checking to see who’s coming in for the next shift, the next minute it’s time produce...

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  • Save More Lives

    Creating suicide-safer communities is challenging work. It takes skilled and compassionate listeners, knowledgeable supervisors, and specialized tools...

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  • Respond to Changing Communication Needs

    Some people associate the word “helpline” with “phone” but at iCarol we understand that help-seekers...

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  • Strengthen Your
    Collaborative Relationships

    When independently operating helplines join together to provide a service, they can reach more people across wider areas...

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  • Diffuse Caller Stress

    People reach out to you when they’re most vulnerable, feeling worried or even trapped. You want to do all you can to reduce their stress and anxiety...

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