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  • Make helping
    others easier.

    Use iCarol’s highly configurable Helpline Management CRM
    to reduce your workload, advance your outcomes
    and improve your Crisis, Referral, 211 or helpline service.

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  • Improve

    211 and Referral helplines are delighted by
    how easy it is to keep their
    community resource data up to date using
    iCarol's auto verification feature

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  • Extend

    Let your callers search for their own
    help on your public website using iCarols' Public
    Resource directory feature

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  • Analyze

    Call Volume, Chat demographics, Unmet Needs...
    Easily run reports that
    really get attention

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  • Share

    Collaborate with your partner agencies to
    share your Referral information,
    Consolidate Reporting or
    for Disaster failover support

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Make helping
others easier.

Use iCarol’s Helpline Management Software
to reduce your workload, improve your
service delivery and advance your
helpline’s outcomes.

How It Works All Features

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iCarol helpline software

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iCarol More FeaturesVolunteer & Staff Mgmt.

Manage contact information, shifts, and other personalized data and communicate using integrated feedback tools, automated emails, internal chatboards, news and events.

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iCarol More FeaturesOnline Shift Scheduling

Authorized staff and volunteers can securely sign up for shifts on your tailored online scheduling system, receiving email reminders to ensure shifts are covered.

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iCarol More FeaturesCall Management

Customizable forms allow calls, chats or other types of contact to be logged and organized within iCarol for easy and secure access and analysis.

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iCarol More FeaturesLive Chat and Texting

Offer your service the way it's expected by adding live chat and texting- fully integrated within your iCarol system you will benefit from the robust security and reporting.

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iCarol More FeaturesInformation & Referral

Organize and quickly search your iCarol resource database by keyword, geography, agency, program or site; add mobile apps, live chat and web access to offer even better service delivery.

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iCarol More FeaturesStatistics & Reporting

Analyze your operations in order to secure funding and improve services with unlimited ways of slicing and representing your data in attractive charts and reports.

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