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  • Customer

    Join us in Orlando, Florida on July 30 for our Annual Conference
    and User Group Session

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  • Software for
    988 Centers

    iCarol is the leading choice for centers providing support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress

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    iCarol software and 988
  • iCarol Changes the Game!
    Bi-directional Resource API

    Update, create, or delete resource records in iCarol from external software systems!

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    iCarol bi-directional resource API

  • Capacity Tracking
    Closed-Loop Referral

    ...and more with iCarol's ReferralQ and Provider Portal

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  • Older Adult and
    Disability Services

    Coordinate care, ensure closed-loop referral tracking, and practice No Wrong Door philosophies.

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  • Responding to COVID-19

    To support you throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, we have compiled resources to help you as you assist your community.

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  • Integrate With Other Systems

    Integration capabilities are increasingly important to service viability and expansion of revenue sources. With iCarol's integration capabilities you can...

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  • Support Survivors

    iCarol has the tools you need to walk with survivors on their path of healing.

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  • Get More Funding

    What’s the key to getting funded? Proving your value by reporting on outcomes. Funding sources of all types, whether internal...

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  • Foster Loyal Volunteers

    Helpline work is arguably one of the most intensive types of volunteering one can do. You invest a lot of time and resources into the screening...

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  • Improve Service Delivery

    People rely on you to provide assistance in their time of need. Whether your service provides active listening, crisis intervention, suicide prevention...

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  • Save Time

    Your day is filled with a variety of tasks. One minute you're checking to see who’s coming in for the next shift, the next minute it’s time to...

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  • Protect Confidentiality

    Clients trust you with their private information. In the process of reaching you and getting assistance, they provide you with highly sensitive...

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  • Respond to Changing Communication Needs

    Some people associate the word “helpline” with “phone” but at iCarol we understand that help-seekers...

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  • Strengthen Your
    Collaborative Relationships

    When organizations join together to provide a service, they can reach more people across wider areas...

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Make helping
others easier.

Use iCarol Software to reduce your workload, improve your service delivery and advance your outcomes.

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What is iCarol?

Why iCarol?

iCarol has established a worldwide presence with over 80,000 users. Find out why so many organizations choose iCarol.

Our Features

iCarol’s web-based software automates and tracks the entire service delivery process for not-for-profit organizations and contact centers.

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Your low, monthly subscription includes maintenance, data storage, software features, support, and training.

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iCarol More FeaturesManage Volunteers & Staff

Manage contact information, shifts, and other personalized data and communicate using integrated feedback tools, automated emails, internal chatboards, news and events.

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iCarol More FeaturesSchedule Shifts

Authorized staff and volunteers can securely sign up for shifts on your tailored online scheduling system, receiving email reminders to ensure shifts are covered.

More Features

iCarol More FeaturesManage Contacts & Clients

Customizable forms allow calls, chats or other types of contact to be logged and organized within iCarol for easy and secure access and analysis.

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iCarol More FeaturesOffer More Channels

Offer your service the way it's expected by adding live chat and texting- fully integrated within your iCarol system you will benefit from the robust security and reporting.

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iCarol More FeaturesCurate Quality Resources

Organize and quickly search your iCarol resource database by keyword, geography, agency, program or site; add mobile apps, live chat and web access to offer even better service delivery.

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iCarol More FeaturesProve Your Value

Analyze your operations in order to secure funding and improve services with unlimited ways of slicing and representing your data in attractive charts and reports.

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