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Software for 2-1-1 Services

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2-1-1 is an invaluable resource for information and referrals to health and human services, and connections to aid in the wake of disaster. The Coronavirus pandemic has again proven just how critical 2-1-1 services are. In a time when reliable, accurate information is more important than ever, iCarol empowers your 2-1-1 service to be a leader for trustworthy I&R in your community.

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software for 211
Software for
2-1-1 Services
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Why use iCarol?

information and referral

Curate a Database of Community Services

Keeping information about available services up-to-date is a large task that can take hundreds of hours, or more, depending upon the size of your community and available services. iCarol provides many solutions to common data curation challenges experienced by 2-1-1 centers. With iCarol, you can build an inventory of services to refer people to, in records that store all the necessary information about the referral, the services provided, how to contact them, eligibility requirements, and more. Whether your 2-1-1 center serves a small region or operates statewide, iCarol can scale with your needs. Our platform is Read more…  |  Read less.

document calls chats and sms texts

Meet People Where They Are

Non-profit call centers of all kinds are noticing a decline in voice calls and higher demand to receive services through communication methods like Live Chat, SMS/Texting, or self-service tools through an organizations website. With iCarol Read more…  |  Read less.

build partnerships

Manage Wait Lists, Track Capacity and Report On Outcomes

Data is showing time and again that social needs impact an individual’s overall health, even more than their genetic makeup. With this information, health care organizations are beginning to see the importance of connecting their patients to community-based organizations. Now more than ever, you are being asked Read more…  |  Read less.

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Hear From Your Peers


Rochester, New York, USA

“The iCarol team was helpful, informative, and patient working with our organization to understand what all the iCarol system could do to help make our jobs easier. They had a comprehensive understanding of our needs and helped walk us through customizing features to make the system work more effectively for our program. Thank you again for helping us and teaching us! It will make a huge difference in how we run our program!”
– Deborah T., Contract and Community Relations Supervisor

2-1-1 NorCal

California, USA

“I just want to express gratitude to the iCarol team for providing us with user-friendly features (especially in working with records and data collection for reports) and timely, attentive customer service. Even with the high number of clients you serve, we have always felt valued by you! I also appreciate your openness to new ideas, and your work on delivering new features (such as Folksonomy and PDF’s for PRD searches) in this ever-changing field. Thanks for all you do!”
– Hayley H., Resource Specialist

2-1-1 Connecticut

Connecticut, USA

“The iCarol team was very attentive to our transition needs from RFP to implementation. Our dedicated iCarol project manager for the transition was a pleasure to work with and did an excellent job of keeping things on track!”
– Tanya B., Senior Vice President

“iCarol empowers us to do what we want with our data.”
– Scott R., Director of Data Solutions

2-1-1 Maryland

Maryland, USA

“The commitment to providing excellent customer service is the hallmark of iCarol.”
– Saundra B., Director 2-1-1 Maryland at the United Way of Central Maryland

“After using iCarol for many years now, we can’t remember how we got along before the switch! Having real-time statistics and the ability to make changes to the data we collect allows us to be responsive to funders and our community. Thanks, iCarol!”
– Suzi B., Division Director, Community Support Services, 2-1-1 Western Maryland

2-1-1 Alberta

Alberta, Canada

“We definitely recommend iCarol. Their amazing team bent over backwards to customize our call tracking and resource information needs. Very well done!”
– Lauri M., Supervisor

BC 2-1-1

British Columbia, Canada

“Can’t say enough about how responsive your team has been.”
– Myrna H., Executive Director

2-1-1 Canada


“We’ve been very impressed by the responsiveness and professionalism of the whole iCarol team. Deploying one software solution for 211 Canada-wide poses many challenges. These have been tackled both creatively and sensitively by a company truly committed to help us take 211 to an entirely new level.”
– Bill M., Executive Director

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