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iCarol attending AAS Conference in April

In April members of our team will head to Atlanta for the 48th American Association of Suicidology Conference. For those unfamiliar with AAS, their organization promotes research and training in suicidology, encourages the development and application of strategies that reduce incidents of suicide and suicidal behaviors, fosters high quality suicide prevention services, and works to advance suicidology as a science; encouraging, developing and disseminating scholarly work in suicidology. Many crisis centers are accredited by AAS and their crisis workers commonly hold certifications from the organization, too.

As many of you know, iCarol was founded out of Neil and Jackie’s experiences working for their local Distress Centre fielding helpline and suicide prevention calls. While iCarol has grown and expanded exponentially since its inception over 10 years ago, offering tools that benefit all manner of helplines from befriending and warmlines to 2-1-1 and information and referral, our origins as a solution built for crisis and suicide prevention work remain special to us.

We greatly enjoy the AAS conference each year as it’s an opportunity to reconnect with so many of our friends and clients who work in suicide prevention centers. And of course we welcome the opportunity to meet new friends as well. Members of our team will have a booth at the conference and will be attending a number of sessions so we can be sure we’re in tune with all the latest information being shared in the industry. We’d love the chance to chat with you about the work of your helpline and talk to you a bit about iCarol. If you’re planning to attend, and let’s talk about finding a time to connect while we’re all in Atlanta together.

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