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Aaron Young, iCarol Solutions Expert

How We Help

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Contact Management

Documentation not only ensures good service and consistent care, but is necessary for required reports. Intuitive documentation tools help you focus on the person in need.

iCarol’s configurable forms help you collect exactly the data you need with form design editing access keeping you responsive to changing requirements and emerging needs.

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Risk Assessment

Proper risk assessment guides staff towards the best course of action for a help seeker.

iCarol’s configurable and interactive assessment forms help you gauge a consumer’s risk level and direct your workers on steps to take.

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Meeting People Where They Are

Meeting people where they are and on the channels they prefer ensures more people get the assistance they need and aren’t left behind.

iCarol offers solutions to ensure your community can access your services through Live Chat, 2-way SMS/Texting, and self-service on the web.

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Crisis Care Continuum

Communities are looking to improve their crisis care continuums, with crisis centers acting as a hub that connects phone or online care with in-person mobile crisis response teams, walk-in center services, or crisis stabilization when needed.

With iCarol you can be that hub — make direct referrals to other departments or partner agencies, coordinate dispatch, create waitlists or queues with statuses, and more.

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Follow-up Care

Studies show that ongoing contact during and after a crisis situation improves outcomes and helps to ensure someone’s safety.

With iCarol you can schedule one or more follow-up interactions to occur with a client, and even set these follow-ups to occur automatically by SMS/Text or email. Ensure quality care and help your service meet targets and requirements related to follow-up care.

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