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Our Story

iCarol’s story began in 2004 with two volunteers at a Distress Centre in Ontario, Canada. While they greatly enjoyed their work at the helpline, the processes used to complete administrative tasks, were outdated and paper-based. The volunteers knew there had to be a better solution out there that could introduce efficiences while helping all the volunteers and staff focus on what mattered most — being present for the people who needed their services.

None of the existing solutions were built with the unique needs and workflows of a non-profit helpline in mind. So, they decided to create one! These two volunteers had both technical and business backgrounds and had successful careers working for well-known tech companies. They set out to build a business, and a software, designed specifically for non-profit helplines.

Early iCarol Marketing Material

CharityLogic Corporation was formed. Its first and only product was iCarol Software, an all-in-one contact and client management system that also integrated resource and referral, online shift scheduling, volunteer and staff management, and reporting, The Distress Centre where they volunteered became iCarol’s first customer.

The business expanded and gained customers among more crisis hotlines, warmlines, and suicide prevention services. As these business relationships grew, the founders noticed that many of their customers had additional needs that iCarol could meet with further development and expansion of features. The 211 initiative launched in the United States and Canada, and soon local, statewide and provincial 211 services, some of whom were also offering crisis intervention services, adopted iCarol.

CharityLogic Corporation continued to welcome a wider range of helplines and social service organizations, including victim services organizations, LGBTQIA advocates, addictions and substance use recovery agencies, organizations serving older adults and their caregivers, child care resource and referral centers, and more. Along the way iCarol’s features and capabilities continued to grow so it could accommodate the changing needs of its customers and their markets.

In 2018 the original founders decided to retire from the business. CharityLogic Corporation was acquired by Harris Computer Systems in March of that year. All full-time staff with the exception of the founders retained employment with CharityLogic Corporation under the Harris Computer Systems acquisition.

Like all Harris Computer Systems businesses, we are guided by ten core values. These values set the tone of our business operations, customer service, and our team work.

When you work with iCarol, you can be assured you are working with people who take your organization’s mission and dedication to your consumers to heart. We care deeply about your success because we have been there ourselves. The majority of iCarol’s Support, Sales, and Product Management staff have a background working at social service organizations just like yours — including crisis centers, community action agencies, 211 centers, and others.