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Accessing iCarol help line software from iPad, iPhone, desktops, laptops and mobile devices and tablets

From time to time we like to report upon how you all are accessing iCarol help line and I&R software. For the last calendar quarter, use from mobile devices increased noticeably, from 2.2% in the prior quarter to 2.6% of all devices. Although not a huge component of the overall total, the growth rate is reflective of the overall trend towards mobile devices. IOS-based devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod) represented 68.4% of mobile usage on iCarol, with Android devices at 21.4% and Blackberry at 9.6%. This is an interesting outcome as Android has a higher general share of the mobile device market than that – but we conclude IOS users are just more apt to use their smart device for “productivity” tasks like iCarol. Also, iPhone use still outpaces iPad use of iCarol by more than two to one – but this ratio was almost three to one in the prior quarter – so the iPad is catching up with it’s older sibling. In the “non-mobile” segement (which includes desktop and laptop computers), 93.9% were Windows-based and 5.6% Apple. The rest were lesser used platforms like Linux and Unix. Also interesting to note this is the first time there was not a single use of iCarol from a Windows 98 computer, reflecting the slow migration to later releases like Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7.


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