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Ah gee! Thanks Dial Help

We love to hear from our clients and are happy to share this feedback from Dial Help:

  “Overall, we are very pleased, I know from experience just how complicated helpline software can be, and you folks have a done a fantastic job. Please pass this along to your support team. From time to time we overwhelm them a bit, but they just don’t give up and are super courteous and patient. From my perspective and through talking with our Executive Director and our Board we have all intentions of sticking with iCarol. I can’t imagine going back to the old ways and neither can any of us at Dial Help. Our clinical supervisor loves the ability to add feedback to calls and roll from one call to another. This makes her job much quicker and she can focus on the work instead of paper shuffling. Ask anyone here in our office and you will know I can talk all day about how incredible iCarol is, there is rarely a day that goes by that I don’t think, “boy this would have been a lot more annoying of a task if we didn’t have iCarol”. The analysis part of iCarol is nothing short of miraculous, and what I can’t get from that, I can get from an efficient and seamless export to excel; many times I have been told you can just export to such and such and continue only to find that that is only half true, but with iCarol you really mean it. I can export and when I open it I am ready to work, not goofy conversions or formatting, I just get down to work. iCarol is not perfect, but darn close enough, and heads and tails above anything else that is out there that we have looked at.” Dial Help, Kevin Weir


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