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American Association of Suicidology 43rd Annual Conference

At the conference, iCarol will present it’s new and exciting Messaging feature 
(April 23rd, 10:30-12:00):

iCarol Messaging: Offer Instant Messaging, Cell Phone Texting, Email and Social Network channels for your Crisis Center clients via elegant, well-integrated tools in iCarol


Neil McKechnie, BSEE, MBA, MCP

At the conclusion of this presentation, the participant should be able to
-Understand why crisis centers should be reachable via online channels
-Articulate which demographic groups use different channels
-Explain how a crisis center can quickly deploy these offerings via iCarol

For decades, most crisis centers have served the populace via in-person counseling and telephone help lines. In recent years some have “gone online” by publishing resource directories and helpful information on their websites. But with the emergence of new communication channels like email, instant messaging, cell phone texting and social networks, many crisis centers are struggling to understand just what they are, how they might be used to serve the public, and how they could add these channels to their service delivery.
As well, crucial questions remain: Are these new channels just a passing fad, or are they important to consider? If so, which ones should we focus on and how can we deploy them? And how do I deploy them in a way that integrates well with my existing operations, training, accreditation and reporting requirements?
In this presentation, we’ll review these new communication channels and present data about which demographic groups are the primary users of each one, and show the changes in these demographics over time. As you’ll see, nearly all of them are the overwhelmingly preferred channel for certain identifiable and large population groups, making them a vital component of any crisis center’s offerings.
We’ll offer some examples of innovative uses of these new capabilities, including ways that crisis centers could consider them for service delivery.
And we’ll finish by showing how the tools to deploy any or all of these channels exist today in iCarol, help line management software in use by many crisis centers and other help lines throughout the world today.

About AAS:
Participate in a conference of people interested in suicide prevention, intervention, postvention, and research.

The goal of the 43rd Annual Conference of the American Association of Suicidology is to provide a forum for those who share an interest in suicidology, including physicians, researchers, psychologists, nurses, social workers, clinicians, educators, public policy makers, clergy, crisis center staff and volunteers, as well as those who have lost a loved one to suicide to meet and share information about suicide, suicidal persons, and the repercussions of suicide.

Conference dates: April 21st- 24th, 2010

Click here to learn more about the conference and how to sign up. 



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