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April Newsletter 2014

                                               Crisis & Referral Helpline Software                         April 2014
Welcome to the iCarol Newsletter.
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Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
“We use iCarol for some of our contracts. It is the best piece of software that we use. Their support exceeds that given by the other vendors in the I and R world.”
– Bill P, Executive Director

The AAS Conference 2014 was a great success and led to new and exciting benefits

It was great seeing you all at the AAS conference! During the conference we came to realize that there are still challenges for many helplines to add online chat or 2-way texting capabilities to their service offerings.
iCarol would like to make it easier. 
If you are an existing iCarol client we are now waiving messaging set up fees. To learn more or get started Click here 

Collaborate with partners: Load balance chats between organizations

We have an exciting new capability to share with iCarol Messaging subscribers. You can now allow a partner center, or multiple centers, to take chats for you from within their own iCarol system. This new ability is transparent to visitors; they will not be aware of which center is taking the chat session. Visitors will still click on your familiar Chat Now button.…   Read More

5 Questions to ask during volunteer interviews

The volunteer screening and application process serves a dual purpose. It gives the helpline manager the opportunity to meet the volunteer and evaluate their ability to work on the helpline. For the volunteer it can be a discovery meeting where they learn more about the realities of helpline volunteerism. For both parties it’s a major step in deciding if the volunteer will move to the next stage Read More

National Association of Crisis Center Directors Partners with National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

These two leading authorities in the helpline industry will collaborate on the delivery of monthly Webinars and Peer Support calls. The collaboration allows both agencies to highlight their strengths, share vital information across a larger network of crisis agencies and maximize training opportunities with ease and convenience for the busy helpline and suicide prevention professional.… Read More

Highlighted Webinar:  
Changing Times: Bringing 
Online Emotional Support to your Crisis Intervention Service 

When: May 21st & June 10th – Register

Click here to see all webinars 

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Ask the Expert

How can we ensure all incoming calls are systematically captured and assigned to phone workers available to take the call?…

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