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August Newsletter 2014

                                               Crisis & Referral Helpline Software                         August 2014
This month we’re looking ahead to some exciting events and initiatives. Did you know there are plans in the Information and Referral industry for improved resource sharing among agencies? We’re also preparing for upcoming activities at the CCIRC Conference, Suicide Prevention Month, and more!

Los Angeles, California, USA

“iCarol is the most innovative and comprehensive software for help lines. Their team has been incredibly easy to work with.” – Lyn M, Director.

One of the major challenges that the Information and Referral industry is facing, is finding a way to reliably share currently isolated databases with partners in real-time. The I&R industry is responding with two different initiatives… Read More

Like so many others, we’re deeply saddened by the death of famous actor and comedian Robin Williams. His death comes as a shock to many who knew him as a comedic genius who brought laughter and joy to millions, and has sparked a worldwide dialogue about mental illness and suicide… Read More

This September we’ll be at the Canadian Community Information and Referral Conference in Toronto. Held by InformCanada, a membership-based national organization of I&R Specialists who promote AIRS Standards and certifications..Read More

Suicide Prevention Month is quickly approaching, with Suicide Prevention Week being recognized from September 8th – 14th and World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th. There are lots of ways you can recognize this upcoming event... Read More


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