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Brexit implications for charities and community organisations

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) has published a number of materials discussing the potential and expected implications that UK charities and community organisations may face following the UK’s monumental decision to leave the EU in a referendum held on the 23rd of June. Below is a list of reports, articles, and an upcoming webinar from NCVO’s website which you may find helpful as your helpline plans for the changes ahead.

    Brexit implications – Briefing from NCVO
    “Implications for charities and community groups from the Brexit referendum include political uncertainty, slow progress on government policy change, and potential financial challenges, according to” . . . Read More

    The EU Referendum Result
    “However you cast your vote yesterday, it is indisputable this morning that Britain has taken a decision with the most significant of consequences. The repercussions for our politics, society and economy will be felt for years, even decades” . . . Read More

    Free Webinar — EU Referendum: Implications for the Sector
    This free webinar will look at the potential political and policy implications of the UK’s vote to leave the EU. The webinar will be presented by Chris Walker, who leads NCVO’s parliamentary work and Elizabeth Chamberlain, who leads NCVO’s policy work on charity law, governance and fundraising. July 7 15.00-15.45 Learn more and Register


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