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Change of name for The Helplines Association UK & Ireland

The Helplines Association (THA), the membership and good practice organisation for helplines in the UK, Ireland and beyond, is going through a makover. THA members have unanimously voted to change the name of the association from the ‘Telephone Helplines Association’ to simply ‘The Helplines Association’. This new name acknowledges the fact that helplines in the 21st century offer more than just telephone support, and allows the Association to better support helplines offering email, SMS and internet-based services.   With the new name comes a new website where helplines can keep up to date on the latest helpline news, download free publications, book a place on a training course, network meeting or conference, search the Directory of more than 1000 helplines, and find out more about the services.   Helplines all over the world are more than welcome to use the site. On the site they are offering helplines free top tips for tough times – how to sharpen up in the economic downturn which is affecting everyone around the globe. There is also a picture of the week so if your helpline has a picture you’d like to feature, please email info@helplines.org.uk. THA is also redesigning their image and are currently running a competition to design a new look. This competition is ideal for designers and design agencies looking to add case studies to their portfolio so if you know any designers do point them towards the website where they can find out more. The THA website is at www.helplines.org.uk. Free top tips for tough times: http://helplines.community.officelive.com/toughtimes.aspx* Design competition: http://helplines.community.officelive.com/competition.aspx*


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