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Coming next week: Internal Chat

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Our clients make some excellent suggestions for features that they’d like us to add to iCarol. We’re excited to announce that one popular request is making its way to iCarol very soon.

We’re just putting the finishing touches on a new feature which will let you exchange instant typed messages with your colleagues, right from within iCarol. We’re calling this “Internal Chat” and Admins will be able to control if/when to introduce this feature to your team. Admins will also be able to control who can use it, on a person-by-person basis. This new Internal Chat feature will be available to all subscribers at no extra charge.

Internal Chat copy

This feature will use familiar logic and work similarly to other chat applications you’ve probably seen and used before, making it really intuitive and easy to start using right away. You’ll be able to create “Buddy Lists” and add and label different groups of buddies in your list to keep things nice and organized. You’ll be able to chat one-on-one, or in a group. These are just a few of the functions.

A select group of iCarol clients have been testing the feature for us. Here’s what they’re saying:

“The Internal Chat feature allows our Specialists to reach out to a supervisor or the resource staff for assistance without having to put a caller, who is in crisis, on hold. This is definitely a useful tool for those of us who are not all seated in the contact center. Thank you iCarol for always introducing new features to help with call handling, as well as reporting.” – Cheryl at Crisis Center Tampa Bay

“It’s definitely a much needed feature, as volunteers/staff in many agencies cannot communicate out loud during calls or chats, or are located far from each other, or even in different buildings/location. So it is a secure internal communication network.” – Elena at IMALIVE

“iCarol’s Internal Chat is a valuable tool that has allowed us to connect with staff at other sites with ease! The simplicity of this Chat platform has decreased barriers to communication that our staff experience while working in different offices.” – Maureen at NEED2

Please keep an eye on the Dashboard for notification that the feature is available. Of course when the feature is launched, we’ll be providing you with plenty of information and how-to’s in the form of Help Articles, Tutorial Videos, and a few Webinars, too.

We’re really excited to release this to all of our clients next week so you can start using it. It’s another example of how we’re committed to enhancing the product to help you meet the challenges of your demanding job.

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