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Crisis Center Software

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Crisis centers, suicide prevention hotlines, and behavioral health walk-in centers are the gateway to services for those in an acute crisis. They serve as a means to stabilize the situation and help individuals begin their path to recovery. Communities everywhere are seeing an increase in the number of individuals and families experiencing mental health crises caused or made worse by COVID-19. Crisis services are also facing the potential for growth and an expansion of services as communities look at reallocating funds and responsibilities traditionally administered by law enforcement to community-based organizations instead. Crisis centers, big or small, need the right technology that scales to their needs as well as the needs of the community. iCarol is the crisis center software of choice for suicide prevention and crisis intervention services all across North America, including the Canadian Suicide Prevention Service and nearly half of local crisis centers participating in the United States National Suicide Prevention Lifeline network.

In July 2022, the United States will officially offer three digit dialing access to suicide prevention and mental health services by dialing 9-8-8. If your organization is planning to become a 988 center, or would like to explore tools that make your center a fit for this designation in the future, iCarol has the knowledge and experience you need to get started.

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Why You Must Offer Services
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Make Your Helpline the Hub of Community Crisis Response
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Why use iCarol?

information and referral

Document Contacts and Perform Assessments

iCarol’s Contact Documentation solutions enable you to collect all the important knowledge and data about a help seeker using configurable forms, with complete design and editing control at your fingertips. You can decide what is collected, what fields are required, the collection format and much more. Within these forms, insert instructional text or scripting to guide your staff, and have certain questions pop out only when triggered by certain criteria entered into the form, all which help your staff save time and more easily focus on listening to the person in need, while collecting the information they need to ensure a safe and successful outcome. To aid you in assessing a help seeker’s risk, Read more…  |  Read less.

document calls chats and sms texts

Meet People Where They Are

Contact centers of all kinds are noticing a decline in voice calls and higher demand to receive services through communication methods like Live Chat, SMS/Texting, or self-service tools through an organization’s website. This can be especially true for people in crisis, who may be scared or having a difficult time deciding if they are ready to reach out for assistance. For many a Live Chat or SMS/Text conversation may be an easier first step than making a voice call. Using iCarol, you can Read more…  |  Read less.

build partnerships

Dispatch Mobile Crisis Teams and Coordinate Care

Communities are learning that comprehensive crisis response is best in the hands of professionals who will respond with empathy and care while deescalating the crisis and helping connect a person with resources to help them. Crisis centers will often begin their initial conversation with someone by voice call or text, and then determine that their help seeker may benefit from an in-person visit from a crisis intervention specialist. Using iCarol, Read more…  |  Read less.

document calls chats and sms texts

Provide Follow-up Care

Numerous studies and research have shown that providing follow-up care to a person who is in crisis or suicidal helps them stay safe and participate in recovery or other action plans developed to help them. Follow-up care can take many forms including phone calls, SMS/Texting conversations, or home or office visits. Crisis centers typically follow-up with people who have previously contacted them, or with those who visited the emergency room/emergency department or walk-in behavioral health centers as a part of a partnership with those organizations. Crisis centers are uniquely equipped to Read more…  |  Read less.

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Hear From Your Peers

Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention Services

California, USA

“iCarol is the most innovative and comprehensive software for helplines. Their team has been incredibly easy to work with.”
– Lyn M., Director

Community Crisis Services, Inc.

Maryland, USA

“I was skeptical about switching to another data program that wasn’t going to do what we really needed to do – iCarol isn’t like that. Its customizable and awesome to work with. All our volunteers and staff love it and scheduling and supervision have never been easier.”
– Tom B., Deputy Director

Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services of Yolo County

California, USA

“iCarol helped our agency improve our caller documentation, allowed us to communicate even more effectively with our crisis line volunteers, and provided statistical analysis and reports. There were many more convenient features we had not expected!”
– Ting Ting, Crisis Line Program Director

Agora Crisis Center

New Mexico, USA

“I want to be sure that other Center Directors know about iCarol. It’s easy to use and volunteers are excited about it.”
– Molly B., Executive Director

Grassroots Crisis Intervention

Maryland, USA

“You and your support staff are more like partners on the journey to help our clients than someone we do business with.”
– Brian Y., Director

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