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Chat with colleagues from within iCarol — Internal Chat available today!

New Features copyStarting today, you can now exchange typed messages instantly with colleagues, right from within iCarol.

Use it however you’d like to improve communication in your center:

  • Call-takers can ask a colleague for help finding a resource, without needing to put the caller on hold
  • A counselor on a difficult messaging session can ask for assistance from any online colleague, not just their supervisor
  • A new resource editor could quickly check with a colleague about style points when editing a new resource
  • A call center manager could ask a call-taker to stay an extra 15 minutes, to cover for a colleague stuck in traffic

Videos located here provide detailed instructions on how it works, show how Admins can turn it on for your organization, and how to enable/disable it on a person-by-person basis. You can also access Help Articles on the help page. Or, if you prefer to join us for a webinar, we’ll be announcing those dates and times here shortly.

There is no extra charge for this feature — it’s part of our continuing effort to make iCarol better, to help you help others.

Internal Chat Message

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