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Didi Hirsch successfully integrated their telephone system with iCarol.

The integration helped them save money and improve data accuracy. “Two years ago when we approached iCarol with the idea of integrating with our telephony, we thought our request was too advanced. Little did we know, not only was this cutting edge project met with enthusiasm, its implementation went very smoothly and has by far been our most successful project to date. The crisis line team loves the time savings from the automated screen popping pre-populated with call data. I love being able to reconcile our raw telephony data with the great reporting capability of iCarol. Throughout this project, the iCarol team has, as always, been very responsive and creative in their cooperation with our telephony providers” Sandri K, Program Director, Suicide Prevention Center Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services History: Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, an organization with more than 60 years experience of providing mental health and substance abuse treatment services throughout Los Angeles County, is also home to the oldest suicide crisis line in the United States. Their Suicide Prevention Center offers free, accredited, 24-hour, seven-days-a-week, crisis line help throughout Southern California. About two years ago they got a new and exciting phone system, and wanted to seek ways to integrate it with iCarol. Their vision was to save time and improve data accuracy by being able to push call information from the telephone system into the call report details. The solution:  When Didi Hirsch approached the iCarol team, they received an enthusiastic “Yes!” to their ideas. The technical teams convened immediately to plan, design and implement the integrated solution. The team decided to make appropriate call details from the telephone system – such as date and time of the call, incoming line – visible to their volunteers and staff as they answered and processed the call. This way iCarol could remain their single interface without the need to train them on any new processes and tools. Most importantly, the volunteer could focus as much as possible on the caller, and worry less about data collection and logging. The project took about 2 months to complete and involved technical representatives from three different technology providers. Here’s how it works: When a call comes in through their telephone system, it gets routed to an available supervisor. At the same time, it informs iCarol what it knows about the call. iCarol then automatically creates a call report pre-populated with call date, time, and these appropriate caller details. This call report screen then automatically pops up to the supervisor who is answering the call. The supervisor then can triage the call and enter further details into the call report. After saving the call report as a draft with the push of a button, the call is transferred to an available counselor, and the saved draft pops up on the counselor’s screen. End Results: Didi Hirsch’s call volume has almost doubled in the past two years. Thanks to their integrated system they have been able to meet this enormous increase in demand for their services. Supervisors need very little time to create a call record which means the caller gets connected to a counselor almost instantly. Counselors are able to spend less time on call reports and are therefore more available for calls. Managers are better able to analyze call volume and capacity rates, and address productivity and adjust staffing accordingly.   Find out what additional telephone integration features iCarol helpline software has to offer and how it may benefit your organization. Request a demo or read more on our website.  


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