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Easily create and manage trainer/trainee shifts for your helpline

When a person first joins the service of your nonprofit helpline, they normally spend some period of time training to learn the best ways to serve clients. Often times such trainees will be mentored by a more senior member of your team, perhaps even someone formally in a “trainer” role. If those trainers are permitted to sign up for shifts at various different times of the day and week, the trainees need to know about it so that they can sign up for shifts at the same time to meet their requirements for mentorship. Now with iCarol, when a trainer signs up for a shift, they can optionally have a concurrent trainee shift created during the same time….and that new shift is only available to trainees for sign up. What’s more, iCarol now introduces new reports giving administrators various ways to see the shifts that each of your trainees have signed up for, as well as past and upcoming shifts for all your trainers.


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#NSAC2019 attendees, we want to know: What are your biggest challenges to optimal service delivery at your organization?

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