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Easy Upgrade to iCarol


If you think iCarol is attractive but the thought of converting from your current tools and processes seems labor-intensive, expensive, or risky – think again.

Free Trial
– Try all of iCarol’s basic features, including volunteer management software, free, with no obligations and no credit card information needed to get started. We’ll set up a real, working iCarol account for your agency that has all of the basic features enabled.

Easy changes to fit your needs – Right from the start you can configure your system to align with how you do business as your helpline. In addition to choices and settings as you use individual features, you’ll have access to many customization options in one central Admin page that can be updated with just a click of a button.

Transfer your data – Thinking of switching from another software? No problem. We offer several import templates along with instructions that can help you move your existing data into iCarol, even during your trial. Use these templates to enter information such as:

  • Staff and volunteer profile information
  • Resource database
  • Caller profiles

If you have more complex data transfer needs, for example if you wish to import resources directly from your current software provider, or if you’d like to migrate data from client records that were once recorded in another software, please talk to us. During your trial your Account Manager will be happy to provide you with a quote to provide this service. Once you approve that quote, and become a subscribing user, our team will work with you to migrate your selected data from your previous software into your new iCarol system.


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"Our migration to iCarol was the result of a thorough and rigorous vendor selection process of 11 potential vendors. iCarol excelled with completeness of functionality, technology maturity and affordability. We strongly recommend that any distress or counselling contact centre look closely at iCarol – we doubt you’ll find a better match!" -Ted K., VP of Information Technology

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