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Webinar – Edit Call Report Forms


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Are you a call center manager looking to make changes to forms used to collect your data?
  • In a fast-paced 40-minute detail-rich webinar, we’ll explain how you can have near-complete control over adding, deleting, and moving data elements on our call forms.
  • Are visitors calling about a new issue in your community that you’d like to document?
  • Add a new field, question, or group of questions and see them appear on you call report form immediately.
  • Perhaps your call takers have requested you reposition some data fields to streamline their work?
  • Make that change, ask for feedback, and respond to that feedback in mere moments, optimizing your form. In the time it used to take you to ask our support team to make changes, you can complete and fine-tune them yourself.
  • Save time iterating so your team can have the forms the way they need them, when they need them..
  • You will learn how iCarol:
    • Add and remove data elements at different hierarchical levels.
    • Move data elements from one tab location to another.
    • Reposition data elements on the screen.
    • Create fields that are hidden until a call taker’s answer to a different questions triggers those hidden fields to appear.
    • Add help tips to your data collection form to cut down on training time.
    • Add script elements right onscreen, to remind call takers of preferred verbiage to use.
    Who should attend:Any call center manager or administrator who wants to have instant control of nearly all aspects of your data collection forms.

    When is it?

    November 13th @ 3:00pm EST – Register Now

    November 19th @ 12:00pm EST – Register Now

    December 2nd @ 2:00pm EST – Register Now

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