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Fastest browser for using iCarol?

Fastest browser for using iCarol? A few months ago, there wasn’t really a difference in performance when using any of numerous different web browsers with iCarol. Since then, several companies have published free, major upgrades that do provide a noticeably faster experience when using iCarol and most other websites. For the best combination of speed, security and compatibility, we recommend using Firefox 3.5 or higher, which you can download for free here. Very honorable mentions go to Google Chrome* and Apple Safari (for those using an Apple Mac). In fact Chrome would get our top recommendation but it still seems to have small formatting incompatibilities with a handful of websites. Still, it seems to be the fastest browser of the bunch, and its minimalist interface is quite appealing. And of course we do support Internet Explorer from Microsoft, version 6 or higher. But if you’re still running version 6 or 7, we strongly recommend upgrading to version 8 for security and reliability purposes. Eventually we will phase out support for version 6, as we announced a few months ago. (Unlike most other browsers, Internet Explorer does not automatically keep itself updated.) And for those of you who enjoy using Opera, please continue to do so as we also test for it too.


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