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New Feature Updates

March has been another month of improvements and enhancements released in iCarol. Here’s a review of what’s new this month.

Follow-ups and Surveys: Now easier

helpline flowWe understand the challenges with conducting Follow-ups and Quality Surveys, and new options on the pages that house those to-dos are meant to help streamline that work.

There, you’ll see new sort options as well as a new text search tool. It’s similar to enhancements we had made recently to the Volunteer and Staff page. We’d love to hear what you think of these improvements.

Categories and Keywords: New name, same feature

You may have noticed that in iCarol we use the terms “keywords” and “categories” throughout the software — those are actually the same thing. We’ve started making that verbiage more consistent, so over time we’ll standardize on the term “category.” That is, any place that says “keyword” will eventually say “category.” There’s no change in function here, just making the wording more consistent. It’ll take us a little while to find all mentions in the software, so please bear with us as we make this move towards naming consistency.

Resources: Search multiple custom categories

CategoriesSpeaking of categories, if you have custom categories for your resources, we have a new, optional, search tool that will let you conduct category searches on up to three categories simultaneously.

Those of you using the taxonomy are already familiar with this feature; what’s new is that this is now an option for those not using the taxonomy.

If you’d like this tool turned on, please create a support case. There’s no added charge.

In Development: Public Resource Directory

We’ve been hard at work in our labs for a while now overhauling our tool that lets you add a resource search page to your website – the Public Resource Directory. Many clients currently use that feature to allow people in their communities to find resources and attract them to their website.

Work is progressing nicely, and I thank all those who have offered suggestions. We’ve heard you loud and clear, and the new capabilities are shaping up nicely. We’ll soon have some early screens to share with anyone who’s interested in providing feedback. If you’re not already on the list of those who’d like to participate, please drop me a line at .

Messaging WorkflowMessaging

Our engineers are also forging ahead with streamlining counselor workflow for instant messaging and text messaging. We’ll be sure and let you know well in advance before we make any changes. If anyone wants to be on the list of those who will test it out — and thereby get a sneak peak and provide input on screens and functionality — please . Thanks to those who have already signed up.

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