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February Newsletter 2015

                                               Crisis & Referral Helpline Software                         February 2015
This February love is all around. Read about one helpline’s mission to stop child abuse in their community, and how they’re making it happen. We’ll also review some key points about chatting and texting, with usage examples, to help you find “the one” that’s right for you. And finally, why not give Automated Resource Verification a look? We think you might really hit it off. Looking ahead to March, we highlight what you need to know about Problem Gambling.                                     

MB, Canada

“We began using iCarol in May of 2014, to capture our responsible gaming customer awareness and education services to casino customers. iCarol is a fantastic tool to track customer interaction data, allowing us to identify customer needs both in the short term and trends over time. The technical support to make changes to our tailor-made tool has been excellent as well.” – Laura, Manager Social Responsibility Programs

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month

Availability of gambling is at an all-time high, with gaming expanding rapidly online and via mobile apps. But understanding and recognition of gambling addiction as a real public health concern has not kept up the pace with this rapid expansion… Read More

Key Differences and Similarities between Instant Messaging and Texting with iCarol

Are you thinking about letting visitors contact you via messaging, but are not sure of the differences between Instant Messaging and Text Messaging? iCarol offers both – here’s a quick review of how each differs in access, convenience, variable cost, and… Read More

Automated Resource Verification – A Verified Time Saver

With February nearly over, are you finding you and your team are still working on items from your January to-do list? So much to do, so little time. Perhaps it’s time to consider shifting to new timesaving workflows… Read More

Reducing Child Abuse by Empowering Bystanders

A first-of-its-kind family violence awareness campaign empowers bystanders to act on behalf of family violence victims by offering resources that are designed to educate the general public, answer questions, and triage requests to… Read More

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