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Frequently Asked Questions

What is iCarol?  + 

What does “iCarol” stand for? Is it an acronym? Is it named for a person?  + 

Are there hardware requirements to be able to use iCarol? Hard disk space, operating system, etc?  + 

Do I answer my calls through iCarol? Is it a phone system?  + 

Where is my data stored?  + 

How does iCarol approach privacy laws like HIPAA?  + 

Is iCarol secure?  + 

What support is available?  + 

Is there a limit to how many users I can add to my iCarol system?  + 

How do I access the data I put into iCarol? Who owns it? Can I export it?  + 

Can I try it before I become a paying customer?  + 

How customizable is iCarol?  + 

Can I make changes to my contact forms used for data collection?  + 

What kind of training is available?  + 

What kind of reporting tools are available?  + 

How are updates to the software handled?  + 

Can I import data from my old system to iCarol?  + 

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