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Germanwings media coverage adds to stigma

The crash of Germanwings Flight 4U9525 is a truly tragic situation. In light of some of the emerging details regarding the pilot’s mental health, many will make false assumptions about ‪depression‬ and other mental illnesses and connect them to violent behavior; assumptions that are not based on science or statistics. Negative or inaccurate comments about mental illness seen in media coverage and on social networks will only serve to push those experiencing symptoms of mental illness further away from an open dialogue with their friends and family, or the potential for successful treatment. It’s important that we continue to work to end the prejudice against mental illness‬ so that those who are hurting will seek help and not hide their pain for fear of judgement, isolation, or job loss.

A number of good articles and statements have been released about this tragedy as it relates to our discussion about mental health. If you have any to add to our list, please leave us a comment.

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Andreas Lubitz depression headlines add to stigma

Mind’s response to today’s front pages on the Germanwings plane crash

SAMH and See Me Joint Statement on Germanwings Flight 9525

Comment on media reporting of Germanwings plane crash from Time to Change

Lessons From The Germanwings Crash: We Need to Stop Stigmatizing Mental Health

*Newly added* Exploring differences between depression and the actions of the pilot Thank you, Wendy, for contributing this article!

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