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Gryphon Place Wins NorthCare Network Contract with iCarol and saves money at the same time.

Learn how iCarol worked closely with them to make it happen, by reading about Gryphon’s iCarol system.

  “Since adding a new contract and engaging iCarol as our technology solution, we saved the printing of over 16,000 pages of records in the first year. We also saved the staff time and long distance expense of faxing these records on a daily basis to five different sites.”  – William Peel, Gryphon Place NorthCare Network serves as the Prepaid Health Plan for all Upper Peninsula Medicaid recipients in Michigan. They needed a partner that would be able to answer overnight, weekend and holiday calls from clients 24/7 for their five independent Community Mental Health (CMH) centres. Gryphon Place in Kalamazoo, Michigan sought the assistance of iCarol give them the capabilities they needed to bid for a partnership with NorthCare Network. NorthCare needed a web-based software partner to help them serve all their Medicaid customers 24/7 and achieve their help line system goals:
  • Secure, Internet accessible data – A web-based management system for logging calls.
  • 24/7 customer service, paper-free call reports – After-hours call answering and logging for all 5 CMH regions, including copies of all call reports completed.
  • Online shift scheduling – Ability to schedule, change and view shifts for On Call staff.
  • Easy, at a glance reporting – Provide statistics and reporting for billing and quality management.
  • Permission restrictions for each CMH – Ability to restrict permissions by CMH staff on call data by region and specific geographies within a region.
iCarol worked closely with Gryphon Place to upgrade their help line system to meet NorthCare Network’s requirements. All aspects of calls, scheduling and system conditions were taken into consideration when building Gryphon Place’s iCarol system. The segmentation of data by CMH region was a key factor, along with ensuring that all data was secure in a web-based system that was affordable and easy-to-use. iCarol help line software has all the features that your non-profit contact center needs to manage its call service delivery process. Our web based software application is the most complete one you’ll find for organizations with crisis, 211 referral or help lines. Here are the key workflow components for Gryphon Place’s iCarol system:
  • Segmentation of data per region – Areas are segmented in the iCarol system to store calls and shifts for each CMH.
  • Easy to see who’s On Call – Gryphon phone workers can view who is On Call at any given time by each CMH and how to reach them (usually scheduled 2-4 weeks ahead of time). Any changes or updates to the shifts created and assigned by CMH regions are easily and securely done over the web. These are also automatically viewed by Gryphon phone workers.
  • Data access restrictions for each region – Administrator provides Gryphon phone workers with the ability to enter calls for one or more CMH. CMH workers can only view the calls from the specified CMH regions they are granted access to and CMH upper management can view all calls across all CMH regions.
  • Rapid call-forwarding to iCarol system – After-hours calls coming into CMH are forwarded to Gryphon Place for answering.
  • Fast logging and transfer of urgent calls – Gryphon phone workers log after-hours calls into their iCarol system and indicate which CMH it is for. They also have access to the current On Call info to be able to escalate urgent calls. iCarol indicates who the proper CMH’s On Call person is for that night and the call is immediately transferred to that person by phone.
  • Quick web view of logged calls per region – CMH staff sign on to the Gryphon Place’s iCarol system over the web and can quickly view the calls that have been logged for their CMH only.
  • Detailed analysis of calls for smooth management and billing – Administration runs charts and reports on calls for billing and operational purposes.
Gryphon Place benefits with iCarol system for their help line goals:
  • Help line software system of choice – Gryphon Place is ecstatic with their decision to use iCarol as their system of choice for their help line.
  • Attracted and gained new client – iCarol was the pivotal factor in Gryphon Place’s success in winning the bid, with its ability to easily and securely handle their specific scheduling requirements and complex data permissions.


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