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Happy holidays from the entire iCarol team

It’s a great moment for us to thank you for your kindness and warmth and patronage throughout the year. We’re very fortunate to have clients like you all, who are by nature of the work you do, compassionate and other-centered. It is one of the highlights of our work! Whether you’re new to iCarol or have been with us for years, we really appreciate your vital role in making iCarol a success. Thanks as well for those of you who have referred us to other help lines. It is the highest compliment you can give to us. Our team ends 2011 double in size compared to the start of the year, and we continue adding new non-profit help lines at a brisk pace. We have awesome plans for 2012 and are excited to unveil them to you in the coming months. We’ll still be here through the holidays to assist with requests, so feel free to reach out as needed.


iCarol is your help line software company that is here to make your job easier as Executive Director or leader of a non-profit contact center. Whether you have a crisis, help or 211 referral line, we are here to help you help more people in your community. Read more…

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