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History of changes (audit trail) in your referral database

iCarol tracks the changes made to a resource in your referral database so that you can see over time who made changes, when, and what those changes were. For any resource (whether you are viewing or editing it), simply scroll down near the bottom and click on the link "History of changes to this resource" to see the list, with the most recent changes listed at the top.<br /> <br /> This useful feature lets you understand how the content of a resource has changed over time, which can be informative and keep it’s information more accurate. For example, a resource specialist might want to change a phone number to one they believe to be new. But in looking at the history of changes, they’ll see that a few months ago, a colleague Dan removed that phone number from the record. They can then investigate if this "new" phone number really is valid, and/or why their colleague removed it.


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