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How can I create a new shift on the iCarol shift calender?

A. How to Create a Shift:

    1. Click on ‘Shifts’.
    2. Click on ‘Add a new Shift’ at the bottom of screen
    3. Enter the shift detail in the yellow information box. This shift happens – (default is ‘only once’) Shift Name – Name, Number or combination Date of first shift – (select a date) Date of last shift – for ongoing shift, select box ‘no end date’ Start time – select hours, minutes, am/pm Leave checkmark in ‘include in shifts and hours worked’ (for statistics report) Workers needed – total # of people on this shift Type of Shift – Normal or On Call Worker Person Assigned – Open Shift color – whatever you like e.g. black for normal, red for on-call Only on weekdays (Mon – Fri shifts) Only on weekends (Sat, Sun shifts)
    4. Click on Add shift(s)

NOTE 1: ‘Once only’ shifts do NOT display unless you uncheck the box ‘Hide the Only once Shifts’.

NOTE 2: This is currently the only way that you can create a repeating PAID shift. The ‘paid’ aspect will apply to all occurrences of the shift.


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