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How can I systematically set up and report on quality surveys of our callers within iCarol?

Many help lines like to conduct follow-up quality surveys of their callers, a few days or weeks after their initial call, to see if the service was useful, timely, courteous and other factors.

With iCarol, you can set up such a survey form, and then your phone workers can invite your callers to accept being contacted to do the survey. When the time comes, another phone worker will be notified in iCarol, calls the person, conducts the survey and submits the results.

Administrators can run statistics and reports on the overall results, and can use the individual calls for quality improvement purposes.

Please send iCarol staff your request if you want us to turn that feature on for you. If you have the optional feature that allows you to conduct follow-up quality surveys, here are the steps involved in scheduling, conducting and reporting on them.

  • 1. First you simply need to schedule when the follow-up quality survey should occur. When creating a call report form, before Submitting, on the Finish tab (or at the bottom of the ‘single page’ view), choose “Followup Survey” as the purpose of the “Follow-up Activity”. Then fill in the other required fields, and select a due date sufficiently in the future (say, 7 days) .You might also want to choose a particular person for Assigned To. This step now indicates that the person has agreed to participate in the follow-up quality survey at a later date. 
  • 2. Next you need to find scheduled follow-up quality surveys so that you can conduct them. On the main Calls page, under All Calls, My Recent Calls, etc, you’ll see an area for Surveys. When there are open surveys scheduled (not yet conducted), they will appear on this list. And when they are due or past due, the word Surveys will be highlighted in red. If you do have one scheduled and ready, click on View to see the original incoming call. 
  • 3. Now that you have found one ready for surveying, you’re ready to conduct the survey. Near the top of the form, you’ll now see a link to “Create a related Follow-up Quality Survey”. Click on that link and it will bring you to a new call entry form – the actual survey. Complete the survey and click on Submit. Now the original call report will automatically not show up in the Survey section on the main Calls page (because its survey has been completed).
  • 4. As you conduct these surveys, you can start getting data on the main Statistics page. Make sure to filter any chart by clicking on the filter called “Call Reports and Phone Workers” and un-check all of them but the Follow-up Quality Survey, then click on Update Chart. Now you can get charts and statistics on your follow-up surveys (the aggregate scores to the survey questions). If you are not familiar with using this Analysis tool, please see the Using iCarol Statistics training on he Help page.
  • 5. Related, under Statistics you can get a report of how many of the follow-up activities were performed for assistance, advocacy and/or follow-up quality surveys.
  • 6. Pricing is available at https://icarol.com/ in the ‘Learn More / Rates’ section.


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