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How can we migrate current data onto iCarol?

Changing from one system or even manual process to another system can be a daunting task so we have developed tools to upload your data conveniently and free of charge.

  All you need to do is put your data in our upload template in Excel format. You can upload Staff and volunteer profile information, Resource database, Outbound call details, Prior call logs and AIRS 211 taxonomy. An alternative option is to make a direct database transfer for a fee, all we need is a snippet of your existing database to evaluate the complexity and provide a quote. You can do this during your free trial or any time during your subscripton. A good way to test out and implement iCarol is to incrementally grow iCarol. You can easily start with one program and/or one call report then add more as you are ready. Learn more on how easy it is to convert to iCarol!


iCarol is your help line software company that is here to make your job easier as Executive Director or leader of a non-profit contact center. Whether you have a crisis, help or 211 referral line, we are here to help you help more people in your community. Read more…

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