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How do I restrict users from viewing/signing up for shifts?

There are several ways you can restrict  access to the shift calendar.

A.    You can completely turn off the shift calendar for all of your users. You would do this by clicking on Admin Tools, then on the Setup tab, de-select the box for “Enable the shift calendar” and then click Save.

B.    To turn it off just for a particular person in your agency, you would open their user profile on the Vols & Staff page and click on the Admin panel. From there click on Advanced Security Settings. Then scroll down to the section on Shifts and de-select “Allowed to access Shifts”, then click on Save.

C.    If you want the person to be able to see, but not sign up for shifts, then follow the steps in B above, but instead de-select the check boxes for “Can sign up for Normal shifts” and “Can sign up for On Call / Support Worker shifts” then click Save.


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