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iCarol Attending the National Sexual Assault Conference

Next week, beginning on Monday, August 21st and lasting through Thursday, August 24th our Solutions Expert, Aaron Young, will be at the National Sexual Assault Conference (NSAC) in San Francisco, California.

We first attended this national conference in 2017, though organizations that address sexual violence and help sexual assault survivors have long been a part of the iCarol family. Our first experience at NSAC was exciting and inspiring; we were thrilled by the number of talented and passionate advocates we met. They do invaluable work toward awareness, breaking the silence around rape and sexual assault, preventing violence, and helping those affected by sexual violence heal from their trauma. In the years that followed we welcomed a number of new organizations serving this space into the iCarol network of users, and the Victims Services industry is one of the fastest growing within the iCarol family. We’re eager to attend the conference again this year so we can meet more people doing this amazing work, reconnect with those we met earlier, and show everyone some of the latest solutions we offer to enhance service delivery to survivors.

So, why is iCarol a popular choice with Victim Services agencies who serve people impacted by sexual or intimate partner or domestic violence, human trafficking, and other forms of victimization or abuse?

Some of the top reasons this is such a fast growing industry for iCarol are…

  • Integrated Live Chat and SMS/Texting – This communication channel is in high demand among those affected by forms of abuse. It’s silent, can be anonymous, and for many people they find it easier to “talk” about this difficult subject through writing rather than speaking out loud. With iCarol you can offer Live Chat or SMS/Texting services through the same platform you use to document your calls and collect data needed for funding, dispatch SAFE accompaniment, offer referrals, manage and track your clients, and all the other services you use in your iCarol system.
  • Specialized Messaging – iCarol is also an inherently better choice for Live Chat/SMS channels than a generic, out-of-the-box product because of some of the other tools and features elsewhere in this list. Because iCarol has other tools designed specifically for social and human service organizations. That includes built-in risk assessments, triaging, ability to enroll them in programs and services, provide and track resource and referral access, and working with clients over a period of time and not a transactional relationship more common in customer service style interactions.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality Issues – We understand the unique needs of victims services organizations and how those also play into the safety of the person contacting your organization. All throughout iCarol we offer settings that allow you to decide if or how data is tracked, if Chat/Text conversation transcripts are saved, what data should be digitally “shredded” and after what period of time, etc. We also use the latest and most secure methods of data hosting, architecture, and encryption.

And of course there’s lots more that make our solution a top choice among victim service organizations. If you haven’t already, check out our free eBook on Choosing Software for Survivor Support Services which walks you through the top needs of victims services organizations and helps you organize your thoughts and research around choosing technology that’s best for you.

Download the eBook   woman looking at the camera while hugging her two small children

If you’re going to be at the NSAC conference, please stop by the iCarol booth (#110) and say “hello.” We’re looking forward to the opportunity to answer your questions and hear more about the amazing work you’re doing for sexual violence survivors in your community and beyond.

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