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Senior administrators in iCarol are invited to take part in the iCarol User Community. This is a space right within the iCarol application where leaders of non-profit helplines all around the world take part in discussions on various topics. You’ll network with hundreds of like-minded users and benefit from their experience, valuable input, and opinions. Our users across the globe, from the US to the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and beyond are currently in our User Community talking about things like:

  • Trends and challenges facing helplines, crisis centers, and information and referral services
  • Questions about policies, training and recruiting staff and volunteers
  • Feedback about existing and planned iCarol features, and tips for how they’re using these features to improve their service
  • Announcements about events and conferences
  • Sharing achievements and success stories

iCarol is not just a technical tool; it opens your agency up to a world of human connection and valuable communication within your industry.

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