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iCarol is a Microsoft Silver Partner


We’re excited to announce that iCarol obtained Microsoft Silver Competency in Application Development which means we are now a Microsoft Silver Partner. To achieve this we had to meet a number of requirements including passing competency assessments both as a business and individually within our Technical Department, as well as submit a number of client references to support us in this endeavor, among other requirements.

This achievement is significant because:

    Our current and prospective clients can feel confident knowing that as an organization that primarily uses Microsoft Development tools and practices, we are staffed with knowledgeable technology experts and are qualified to develop Microsoft solutions and technologies.

    Our team will have improved access to technology resources from Microsoft to support us in delivery, such as software support and training materials. And as an organization, every iCarol staff member is now better equipped with an even wider range of Microsoft products to help us do our jobs.

A huge shout out, thanks, and congratulations go out to our Director of Technology, Vinh, for spearheading this effort. We’re also very proud of the members of our technical team for their time, effort, and hard work to achieve this milestone. Way to go!


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