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iCarol officially supports iPhone and other mobile platforms

In our ongoing initiative to foster innovation for help lines through iCarol, today we are happy to announce official support for six of the most widely-used and exciting mobile platforms, like the iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

“As people consider whether or not to work or volunteer for a help line, one of the factors they consider is how well it integrates into the rest of their lifestyle. With this announcement, they can now sign up for shifts, use the chatboard, and do anything else they’re authorized to do in iCarol, securely via their mobile phone” says Neil McKechnie, Director of Product Development. “Accessing iCarol from anywhere is vital to my job, and it’s great doing so with my Blackberry” says Christianah Olarewaju, Distress Line Manager for the Distress Centre Peel, Ontario, Canada.

In the past, iCarol has officially supported all of the major browsers used on laptops and desktop computers (Windows, Mac and Linux), as well as “best effort” for accessing iCarol via a web browser on mobile phones. We are now announcing official support – regular compatibility testing for the best possible experience on iCarol – for the Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Android (from Google), Nokia, Palm Pre (webOS) and Opera Mobile (available on a variety of mobile devices). Taken together, these  represent the 89.6% of web-browsing done from mobile devices worldwide (StatCounter, October 2009) and include the most exciting mobile platforms available today. 

“By supporting these mobile platforms, iCarol lets help lines show their commitment to board, funders, staff and volunteers to stay relevant and accessible in their daily lives” adds Mckechnie.


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