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iCarol Telephony Integration Instructions

iCarol telephony

iCarol telephony integration, automation can save you time on every call.

iCarol can accept a URL sent by your telephony system to automatically open a specified call report form when a call is routed to a specialist, and that specialist is logged into iCarol. Note that iCarol would not open the browser – that would be handled on your end.

  • See the various integration instructions below based on your needs.

  • Click here to view instructions on the ShoreTel iCarol Connecter application. This application implements the iCarol Telephony Integration inteface which opens a call record in a new browser tab based on incoming call information.

  • Click here to view instructions on Five9 and iCarol Telephony Integration for CA 211 Clients.

    Integration instructions:

    Base URL

  • Here’s the required syntax of that base URL:
  • https://services.icarol.com/Telephony/GetCallReport?reportVer=string
  • Your iCarol project manager will supply the “reportVer” (required) for your organization’s Call Report form.

    Optional Terms

  • Optional terms in the URL offer added functionality (see below for examples):
  • The “agent” can be either the user’s email address (URL-encoded) or Agent ID that matches no more than 1 user in your iCarol system. If unspecified, the Agent field of the call report will appear empty, but will be auto- populated when it is saved.
  • The “callStart” is the date/time that the call was placed. It should be in ISO- 8601 format if possible. If unspecified, iCarol will use the current date/time.
  • The “ani” number will be placed in the “Phone” field. This should be the caller ID.
  • Other parameters, like “dnis” or “language”, can be mapped to fields in your call report. Let us know the parameter name+value combination and the field on the call report that you would like to populate (and/or the value to pre-select). Your iCarol representative will supply the appropriate values for each option you’d like.
  • For example, if a visitor made specific IVR choices (press 1 for Spanish, 2 for English…), iCarol could automatically fill in a custom field on your call report form called Language with the appropriate choice.
  • In the same way, if you have the same call report form for multiple incoming phone lines, iCarol could automatically select the Incoming Line on a custom field. You’d just let us know the Incoming Line name and associated phone number. We’ll create that field on the call report form and provide you with the values needed for the URL.
  • iCarol can handle any number of custom field values, but beware that some web browsers are not compatible with URLs longer than 256 characters.


  • https://services.icarol.com/Telephony/GetCallReport?reportVer=9991234&a gent=34&ani=999-123-4567
  • https://services.icarol.com/Telephony/GetCallReport?reportVer=1234567&a gent=bob%40acme.com&ani=9991234567&dnis=8886201111
  • https://services.icarol.com/Telephony/GetCallReport?reportVer=1234567&la nguage=112211&callStart=2008-09-22T14:01:54Z
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