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iCarol User Community launched for non-profit helplines

The iCarol User Community, which became available last week, connects leaders from non-profit help lines around the world with each other. For any such agency using iCarol, people can now post messages and responses to each other on any topic they like, which will immediately be seen by hundreds of their peers at all other agencies using iCarol. (Only senior administrators at each agency are currently invited to the community at this time, not our full user base of over 21,000 users.) We expect (and are already seeing) topics of interest discussed by people in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia and Canada like:
  • Trends and challenges facing help lines and crisis centers
  • Questions about policy, training, recruiting and staff and volunteer retention
  • Feedback about existing and planned iCarol features
  • Upcoming conferences
  • …and much more
Through this effort, we hope to make our clients at non-profit help lines more effective in running their operations and serving their clients better.


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