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Import / Export Data in IRis 3.0

import data It is possible to share data between two or more agencies. The important thing for each sharing Agency is to keep a unique Site ID, so the imported data won’t erase existing data. You have a choice of using default IRis query, or you can create a new query to export specific data.

To Export Data

  • 1. Go to Tools — Data Sharing — Export IRis Data — Resource Data
  • 2. Select “All Resource Records with your Site ID code”, or create “IRis Query”
  • 3. Click on “Select”
  • 4. Click on “Change” button to change the direction of where your data will be stored. If your IRis is installed in default direction ( i.e. C:\program files\IRis 3.0 ), double click on C:\ folder, double click on program files folder, double click on IRis 3.0 folder, and double click on pgmxprt folder. If your IRis is stored elsewhere, follow the appropriate direction. You can also create a new folder, name it for example IRis Export, and store data in it.
  • 5. Click on “Select” button
  • 6. You should know which version of IRis your receiver has: If you need to change it, click on drop down menu in “Data Format to export to: ” and select a version of IRis.
  • 7. Click on “Create or Update files” button
  • 8. Click “OK” button. Note: If you have some files in your destination folder, for example from exporting data in previous month, they will be deleted. To avoid loosing these files you can either chose an empty folder, or back up the existing folder.
  • To share data you only need to save the file “pgmxprt.zip” on a disk, or send it via Email. You don’t need to save the other files.

    To Import Data

  • 1. Save file “pgmxprt.zip” you received from other agency on your hard drive.
  • 2. Open IRis, go to Tools — Data Sharing — Import Iris Data — Resource Data
  • 3. Click on “Change” button to locate files to import.
  • 4. Locate “pgmxprt.zip” file, and click on “Open” button. 5. Follow the on-screen instruction.

    Tech Tip

  • Q We just bought a new server. What is the best way to move IRis from the existing server to the new one?
  • A With IRis 2.3, all you need to do (after setting up the new server) is: Go to the IRis folder on the old server, R-click on it, select Copy, navigate to the correct drive on the new server, R-click and choose Paste.
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