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Importing data from other systems into iCarol

iCarol has standard import tools that use Excel templates for the importation of user profiles, caller profiles, resources and more.

Sometimes though, the information resides in a more complex database that is not easily converted into one of these such templates.

In that case, our team can use one of our import tools (or write one for you if we have not seen your current database type before). The process involves the following steps:

1. Source database provision: Client supplies to iCarol a current example of their existing database in any of the following format: Actual database file (preferred), export to CSV format, or XML. In all cases, any lookup tables need to be included, as well as enough representative data in each field for us to understand its possible variations and values. In some instances it can also be useful for our team to see the actual user interface screens for viewing and editing the resource records.

2. Write data migration tool(s): The iCarol team then writes custom code (often re-using code for similar purposes in the past) that maps the source database schema and data into the iCarol database.

3. Test import conducted: We then do a test import of the provided databases and do our own internal quality assurance to make sure the schema and data have transferred as expected.

4. User Acceptance Testing: Next we make the imported databases available to advanced users in each iCarol system for review and feedback. If needed, the data migration tools are enhanced/corrected and additional test imports are conducted, followed by more User Acceptance Testing.

5. Data cleansing: At this stage clients often ask us to massage the data using SQL scripts to clean it up and provide more conformity with your style guides and standards. We are happy to do so for you, although if the request become complex it may involve additional charges.

6. Database merging and de-duplication: iCarol has several ways to store resource database for collaborative such as yours. One is that each call centre retains control (create/edit/delete) of their own database and shares it on a read-only basis to their partners from directly within their iCarol systems. For those members of the collaborative that may wish to merge their databases together, we also facilitate that process. As part of it, we can also seek to de-duplicate merged records based on criteria you provide (with our input).

7. Ongoing testing and configuration: Once the imported database is accepted by the clients and configured to your liking, it often becomes part of the overall testing and configuration process of your iCarol systems in general. It could be weeks or months before your actual “go live” date.

8. Final import on “go live”: As a result, we offer another import on your actual “go live” date, so that your iCarol resource database(s) will have all the updates made in your old systems since the initial / test importations.


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