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In Case You Missed It: iCarol User Conference Recap

We had a great time connecting with customers at our user conference ahead of the Inform USA Grand Gathering sharing what we are working on and gaining feedback on what more we can do to support our customers in their work. For those that could not attend, I wanted to share some highlights of what we discussed, and learned during the conference and user group.

Excel-lent Adventures in Export Analysis

We reviewed the many ways to export, report and analyze your data from iCarol using standard exports, scheduled exports, and our Contact Record export builder tool that allows you to create your own specialized export with only the data you want, and transform it to meet your reporting and data privacy needs.

Extreme Makeover: iCarol Edition

iCarol needs an update! We have been working on our User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) project redesigning the look of iCarol to modernize it. We shared a look at the left-hand menu redesign that is in your iCarol system now, as well as a look at the redesign of Shifts that is available now, which also includes a mobile friendly update! Contact the iCarol Support Team if you would like to upgrade to new Shifts.

icarol left menu

icarol shifts

We are currently working on the Vol/Staff and News, Events and Chatboard areas of iCarol which are currently scheduled to be released by the end of the year. The News, Events and Chatboard will become a combined area in iCarol, and we are searching for names for it. The most popular vote from our Customer Advisory Group (CAG) is “Communication Hub.” If you want to submit some ideas, please join our CAG! Links to join are found on the iCarol Admin Dashboard and in the Help Center.

Back to Basics: Building a Strong Resource Database Foundation

We reviewed the resource record structure in iCarol and shared some tips and tricks including using Field Visibility and Field Choice settings to maintain high quality for your resources and only show the information you want displayed and with the titles you want on each field. These foundational tools enable our customers to set up their resource database according to their specific needs and style guide, making it easier to align with Inform USA accreditation and saving them time in resource record curation. Lastly, we reviewed the Advanced Search and Bulk Editing tool, as well as the Custom Fields and Filters to round out best practices for building a strong resource database.

iCarol’s AI integration with Yanzio: Expanding Resource Database Potential

Neil McKechnie of Yanzio joined us to talk about how AI can be used safely as a tool to support and build capacity in the Information and Referral industry. We demonstrated the integration we will release in June that allows resource editors to request Yanzio evaluations of resources, receive suggestions, and choose how/if they want to implement those changes.

icarol yanzio integration

icarol yanzio integration

All iCarol customers will have access to a free trial for basic resource evaluation using Yanzio, you will be able to enable this free trial directly within your iCarol system. For updates, subscribe to our email list.

iCarol’s User Group

During our User Group we shared what we have released in the past year, what we are working on now, and as a group, we brainstormed enhancements for iCarol both big and small before voting on various features ideas. We will host our annual Virtual User Group in October or November, date to be determined. Remember to sign up for our communications for information to register for this exciting event.

Moving forward we have some ideas for how we can help you build capacity and get more from your iCarol system, over the next few months watch for information about our:

  • Free 3-day Training Summit with a little something for everyone
  • How you can apply for a Grant to gain access to iCarol Products, such as our ReferralQ and Provider Portal to help you apply for and serve pilot projects within your community
  • How you can get more from your existing API subscriptions with unlimited keys!

If you have any questions or would like more information on any of the content here, please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you!



Image of Grand Rapids, Michigan shared courtesy of author Rachel Kramer under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

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