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Let iCarol take the work out of verifying your referral database

When was the last time you updated your resources? Are all those phone numbers, hours of operation, and program descriptions still accurate? Verifying resources can be a tall order when you’ve got a good-sized resource database. Perhaps it’s time to consider giving iCarol’s handy Automated Resource Verification tool a try. With this optional upgrade to your iCarol system, you can have iCarol take much of the work of resource verification off your hands. Clients tell us this upgrade saves them weeks of painstaking work. With this tool, from within your iCarol system you can quickly create a list of resources that need verifying, based on criteria such as date last verified, geographic region, and more. iCarol will send an email out to the contact person listed for each agency. Each email will automatically be customized, containing just the information you have in your database for that particular agency. No matter if it’s hundreds, or even thousands, of resources — iCarol will handle the job in a jiffy with just a few mouse clicks. Each agency can look over the information. If all is fine, they click a link in the email to let your iCarol system know. If they want to suggest changes, they click a link that leads to a custom, secure page online that displays just their information. They indicate changes, which are then stored in a special list in your iCarol system, ready for your review. When you click to approve the changes, that resource is updated in your system immediately. It really is that easy. If you’d like to hear about pricing, or want to take this feature for a free spin with a 30-day trial, please contact us at info@icarol.com. Thanks!


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