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Linked AIRS taxonomy terms – assigning and searching

If you use the 2-1-1 / AIRS Taxonomy, you might be aware that it is permissible to “link” taxonomy terms together to provide a more precise categorization of a service. So, in a (rather contrived) example, let’s say a service offers a food pantry for caregivers. Instead of tagging something with two separate taxonomy assignments like so, which would be considered “floating” assignments: Food Pantries Caregivers Instead the service could be described like this: Food Pantries * Caregivers Where the asterisk could be interpreted as the word “for”, meaning “Food pantries for Caregivers”. This subtle but important distinction means that the service would only be found when you are specifically searching for a resource that is a food pantry for caregivers. But if you were instead searching for a food pantry that serves Alzheimers patients, you correctly would not find it. The way we’ve implemented our approach is that if you are searching just for “Food pantries” you would still find those that serve Caregivers and Alzheimers patients, because they are amongst the range of food pantries that serve the general population as well as specific sub-populations. As an added convenience, as you are searching for services by an AIRS taxonomy term, iCarol will automatically suggest to you both the base terms as well as those linked to target populations.


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