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March Newsletter 2015

                                               Crisis & Referral Helpline Software                         March 2015
At iCarol our goal is to provide you with tools that improve your efficiency, service, and response. Take a look at how our Chat and Text platforms are tailored for crisis services. New feature enhancements help you quickly find follow-ups and search for referrals. Also, learn how you can expedite your resource search with a small setting change.                                     

California, USA

“I just wanted to send a quick thank you note to everyone there at iCarol. This service has been a huge game changer for us since we started using it. Our counselors are better equipped and more empowered when answering calls. And I am continuously amazed by the platform as I stumble upon powerful tools that I hadn’t yet used. This really is an amazing product. And the work y’all do to keep it running and relevant really does make a HUGE difference to those of us answering calls. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” -Teryn Heckers, Program Coordinator

iCarol Attending the AAS Conference

We greatly enjoy the AAS conference each year as it’s an opportunity to reconnect with so many of our friends and clients who work in suicide prevention centers. And of course we welcome the opportunity to meet new friends as well… Read More

15 Ways iCarol Messaging Improves your Crisis Service

When it’s time to pick a Live Chat or Texting platform for your helpline, you’ve got a lot to consider. Your crisis intervention service needs tools that will help you meet grant requirements, comply with accreditations and… Read More

Feature Enhancements

March has been another month of improvements and new features released in iCarol. Here’s a review of what’s new this month, and an update from our labs about… Read More

Speed up Resource Searches

Have you got a whole lot of resources? Looking to save time searching for them? We’ve got a new option for you. When searching for resources, you may have noticed that every time you change… Read More

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Service Alternatives: Live Chat and Texting
March 31
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“Women are 70% more likely than men to experience depression. Support, help, hope, awareness. http://bit.ly/1C4kom2 #IWD2015 #WomansDay” – @NAMICommunicate

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