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May Newsletter 2014

                                               Crisis & Referral Helpline Software                         May 2014
Let’s face it, Information and Referral is a challenge, 
in fact, it’s practically an art form!  
This month iCarol focuses on I&R developments.

State of Maryland, USA 
“The commitment to providing excellent customer service is the hallmark of iCarol.” – Saundra B, Director 2-1-1 Maryland at the United Way of Central Maryland

Introducing iCarol Folksonomy 

When people in the public are searching your public website for a resource that can help them, it can sometimes lead to frustration that they are getting no results. When you look closer at how they are searching, it becomes clear that they aren’t familiar with the way that resources are named or categorized…  Read More

iCarol at the AIRS conference

If you’re attending the annual conference for the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) this year, you can catch us participating in a few different presentations. First, join us for a 90-minute presentation on the future of I&R with iCarol. We’ll be covering exciting new topics such as.…   Read More

2-1-1 Maryland Serves the State and Region with iCarol

A network of four help lines joins together to take calls from across their state 24/7. They use iCarol to enable powerful and seamless collaboration amongst them, and to serve the region beyond their state’s borders.… Read More

Exporting a subset of your referral database to Word and Excel

Often times our clients who do Information & Referral (I&R) need to export some or all of their resource or referral database to share with a third party. And while all Admins have access to the Data Export tool that gives them an Excel-readable export of all records and all fields, a more refined approach is needed for specific requests.… Read More

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iCarol’s Resource Feature

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