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Welcome, Attendees of the National Sexual Assault Conference!

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At iCarol, we understand that people who have experienced sexual assault, rape, intimate partner or domestic violence, abuse, and other violent crimes may experience myriad complex emotions — fear, shame, self-blame, anger, shock and confusion to name a few. Because of this, many survivors suffer in silence. Thankfully, organizations around the world like yours are working to build safe places for these survivors to be able to break through their walls of silence so they can share their stories, work through their experiences and start to heal. iCarol has learned that in order to best serve survivors, these organizations need access to a host of reliable and helpful tools. We have seen that many survivors are uncomfortable making first contact over the phone, so offering multi-channel access is key, such as also offering live chat, texting, or online intake or service requests. Survivors confide in those they reach out to and provide sensitive personal information, so there exists an obligation to protect privacy and honor confidentiality agreements using highly secure online systems. Additionally, organizations need to report on client outcomes and be able to show impact and prove their value in order to continue serving their community for a long time to come. With iCarol software, the only technology platform built specifically to meet the needs of crisis centers and others that are in the business of building safety nets for their communities, you will have the tools to walk with survivors beyond the breakthrough and onward along their path of healing.

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Resources for Survivor Support Services

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Choosing The Right Software for Survivor Support Services

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Historic Highlights: Media Coverage of Sexual Assault Reflects a Changing Culture
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Marketing Methods That Boost Your Chat/Text Engagement

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Removing the Scold’s Bridle

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Using the Spousal Assault Risk Assessment Tool
Assessing Risk of Intimate Partner Violence

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Cleveland Rape Crisis Center Launches Text and Chat Program
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Why use “Messaging?”

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#MeToo Trends on Social Media

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Why use iCarol at Your Survivor Support Service?

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Meet People Where They Are

Survivors need to access your services in the ways that work best for them. Depending on personal preference, convenience, availability, and a desire for privacy or anonymity, those communication preferences are going to vary. To help the most people and serve them well, you need to expand Read more…  |  Read less.

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Protect Sensitive Client Information

In the process of contacting your service, survivors trust you with highly private and sensitive information about themselves and their experiences with assault and sexual violence, and we understand your ethical and legal obligations to them. It’s extremely important that this information Read more…  |  Read less.

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Prove Your Value

Your organization makes a positive impact in the lives of survivors every day — but how do you prove that to your CEO, Board of Directors, and funders? It starts with collecting meaningful data about each of your client interactions, across all your available communication channels. Because you can edit your data collection forms at any time, you can Read more…  |  Read less.

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Hear From Your Peers

Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline

Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline

Chicago, Illinois, USA

“iCarol has been the best thing to happen to us to increase our efficiency and productivity at the Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline. We love our database and all that it can do for us and for our callers. Thank you, iCarol!”
– Gwyn K., Director

Dial Help

Dial Help

Houghton, Michigan, USA

“Ask anyone here in our office and you will know I can talk all day about how incredible iCarol is.”
– Kevin W., Program Director

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