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Online intakes, service requests, and more – the latest on iCarol Public Web Forms

iCarol Public Web Forms take the power of data collection and custom workflows available to your iCarol system users inside the iCarol application, and brings them online for public use.

This means that visitors to your public website could fill out a webform, submit it, and the completed form and data comes into your iCarol system, and is available for reporting, exporting, and placing a client into any other workflows so they can receive your services. What you do with the information is completely dependent on your particular use case! Some common uses of Public Web Forms are:

Service Inquiries – Offer people another way to get in touch with you and inquire about your services. Let them provide you with needed information at the time that’s most convenient for them, then follow-up with them by phone, text, or email. You can even text or email them from within your iCarol system!

Program Enrollment – Invite folks to sign up for one or more services you offer. Once their completed form is in your iCarol system and you validate it, it’s easy to create a profile and begin any other workflows to enroll them in services.

Accept Warm Referrals from Partner Agencies – If a local provider refers clients to you for services, that provider can use your Public Web Form URL to enroll or request services for a client.

And those are just a few of the ways this service is being used.

In a recent Monthly Support Training we walked through several use cases to show how Public Web Forms can be the entry point that results in a number of new ways to help your community and better engage partners and collaborators to improve care coordination and continuums of care.

We’ve also added a lot of functionality to Public Web Forms recently. For instance, did you know that with iCarol Public Web Forms you can…

  • Include simple password protection, if you want to allow the form to be easily found on your website for ease of access, but only usable and fillable by authorized partners
  • Create Follow-up Activities automatically when they arrive in your iCarol system
  • Upload documents like consent forms, authorizations, proof of identity, etc. with a form submission
  • Restrict form availability to certain days and hours, so people are directed to the right service at the right time
  • Embed pre-screening questions that redirect a client to a more appropriate contact method and disable form submission if they don’t enter the right pre-qualifying criteria
  • Notify key staff when a new form arrives in your system

If you haven’t explored Public Web Forms for your agency lately, now’s the time to take another look.

iCarol Customers can view our recent Monthly Support Training by logging into iCarol, navigating to our Help Center, and searching for Public Web Forms.

We’d also be delighted to have a quick meeting with you to talk about your needs, answer your questions, or provide a demo of the product. You can schedule a meeting here or simply Email us!

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