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Provider Portal

iCarol’s ReferralQ enables you to document and track your partner CBO’s capacity to accept referrals, and update a help-seeker’s status as they work with your partner so you can obtain valuable outcome information.

Want to receive capacity directly from your community partners or electronically send referrals securely in a closed-loop referral initiative?

Take your partnerships to the next level by adding on the Provider Portal feature. The Provider Portal complements ReferralQ by inviting your CBO partners secure, direct access to view and update authorized ReferralQ information. With the Provider Portal your CBO partners can input their program’s capacity to take referrals, obtain Contact Record or Intake information about the help-seekers referred to them, and update the status of a referred help-seeker as they work with the CBO.

With the Provider Portal, Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) are provided limited, secure access to your iCarol system:

    Obtain and review the referrals you made to them from ReferralQ
    Input live updates on their program’s capacity
    Update the statuses of referred help seekers

You will be able to:

    Control who can access this information
    Monitor the changes and updates made by the provider
    Change or revoke access at any time
    Report on outcomes as reported back to you on the referrals you provide

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