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Recommending other referrals to make to a client

As people in your agency make referrals to third party human service providers in your community, you are building up organizational wisdom that can be quite useful even on completely unrelated calls….sort of like Amazon will recommend books “frequently bought together” or Netflix will suggest other movies based on your past preferences. And we’re continuing to take advantage “acquired wisdom” like that that in iCarol. For instance, when you are viewing a resource record and considering its utility to your client, it would also be nice to know what other referrals are frequently made along with it, in past calls. Now iCarol will show you just that for referrals – in fact the top three most frequently referred resource records along with the one you are viewing. As a result, the client and phone worker are made aware of resources they may not have even considered otherwise, thanks to the collected “wisdom” of all the referrals made previously, and iCarol’s ability to harvest and present that information rapidly.


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