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Coming in Q4 2020 – ReferralQ

Helplines, contact centers, and other human service organizations are being asked to expand their scope to go beyond providing information and referral during a single interaction. They now must often track whether the help seeker successfully received assistance from referred organizations, if their needs were met, or they still need help.

iCarol empowers your organization to play a more active role in managing a help seeker’s progress towards meeting their needs, and engaging in closed-loop referral processes and No Wrong Door initiatives.

With ReferralQ you can:

    Document interactions and collect data on demographics, needs, referrals made, Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) and more.
    Assign a help seeker to one or more wait lists or queues for services to meet their needs
    Create a profile for the help seeker to better manage ongoing or long-term needs
    Update a person’s wait or queue status with the programs from which they’re waiting to receive services
    Track how long someone has been waiting for services
    Prioritize which help-seekers need attention first, determined by your own internal business practices
    Address multiple Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) within a single interaction
    Follow up with the help seeker throughout the process to track progress and ensure success and satisfaction
    Report outcomes to funders, stakeholders, and community partners
    Share referrals, client information and data with partners using a number of methods and formats
    Work more closely with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs)
    Measure community needs
    Identify service gaps

These tools allow organizations to participate in No Wrong Door initiatives and to work with healthcare organizations, which removes barriers to accessing services while reducing client stress, and improving and bringing efficiency to the service delivery process and healthcare outcomes.

ReferralQ can be used for a variety of services and scenarios, including:

  • Shelter Placement
  • Rapid Rehousing
  • Homelessness Transition Programs
  • Crisis Stabilization Services
  • Financial Assistance
  • Child Care
  • Enrolling in seasonal programs (holiday meals/toys, tax assistance)
  • And more

Does your organization need to more directly engage with the referred community-based organizations throughout the referral process?

Take these partnerships to the next level by adding on the Provider Portal feature. Provider Portals complement ReferralQ by inviting community-based organizations direct access to receive referrals and update their program’s capacity in your iCarol system. Learn more.

These features are coming to iCarol in Q4 2020. For more information please contact us!

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